Your Questions Answered

Who are we?
Southern Cross Fireworks is a Victorian company with many years’ experience in Australia and overseas. Our base is in Pakenham, an hour or so south-east of Melbourne.

Why would I want a fireworks display?
Fireworks are a spectacular and thrilling enhancement of your special event. They’re extremely popular as a family attraction, a great crowd pleaser, and nothing attracts a crowd like fireworks. A well-advertised show will generate income for you — not only drawing huge crowds to your event, but encouraging visitors to stay longer. This is why they’ve become popular additions to festivals and celebrations of all sizes.
Because it’s the finale of the evening, the fireworks display is one of the last things people see before they leave. This ensures they’ll remember your event.

What sort of displays do you stage?
We excel in designing and delivering corporate functions, agricultural shows, festivals, New Year’s Eve celebrations, weddings, in fact, any occasion big or small is an opportunity for us to leave lour audience with happy lasting memories. Whether here in Australia or overseas, we treat every show as individual, and we’ll customise it to suit your location, audience, theme and budget, with the level of sophistication required.

How much will it cost?
This depends on many factors which must be determined with the customer.  But it’s possible to stage a display for as little as AUS$2,000.  Just call us and we’ll be happy to give you a free, no-obligation quotation.

What makes your shows special?
We’re renowned for our pyrotechnic art. Our entertainment packages can include any combination of a huge range of hand-picked, spectacular, aerial and ground fireworks displays. They can be precision-timed to music or with theme music in the background. We can also feature pyrotechnic art work, with brilliant laser lights. Our speciality is staging huge aerial sky shows with unique and stunning products.
Of course, we can also arrange coverage of displays and associated events which clients can purchase to feature on their own websites .

Why should my company sponsor a Southern Cross Fireworks display?
The scale, visibility, and sponsor identification possibilities of our shows are unequaled in the world of festival advertising. Not just viewed by the crowd at the event, fireworks can be seen for kilometers. They’re a unique, massive theater entertaining thousands, and we are the masters in featuring corporate and sponsors’ logos. Because fireworks are wholesome, exciting, highly visible and usually free to the public, fireworks displays possess a unique ability to create a positive sponsor identification. The entertainment is often seen as a gift to the community, rather than a promotion or paid advertisement. Fireworks have a way of invoking positive feelings about the sponsoring firm that can lead to strong loyalty for products or services.

Aren’t fireworks complex and difficult to arrange?
No. After you confirm the booking, we do it all! Relevant licenses, permits, fees, site details and inspections, a complete fireworks program to suit your event, orchestrated by fully trained pyrotechnicians, with a thorough clean-up of the site afterwards. We notify relevant authorities and provide full public and product liability insurance for all our displays. You’ll have a memorable and carefree evening!

Can you provide a record of my event?
Yes. We’ve established a strategic partnership with the international communications agency Livesights to enable any client also to purchase specially-formatted video audio and stills coverage of their display to be featured on their own website or as a desktop show/screensaver that can be played on a computer screen or simply as a video. This cutting-edge service extends to multi-media coverage of the full event itself if required, including the services of international feature writers. Providing the material in digital format means it can be available to anyone with Internet access — a world away from a 30-second glimpse on the TV news.

Great! How do I contact you?
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